Elliott Gould

Birmingham, UK based illustrator/designer. Art has always been a huge part of my life, in education and as a hobby. Once I finished my degree in Film Set Design, I decided to make my ongoing passion for art my job by doing freelance work in illustration and graphic design.  I work mainly using fineliners to illustrate my creative ideas, I also paint using watercolours or digital painting.

I take inspiration from many things, nature, music, dreams. My works are characterised by attention to detail, patterns, the animal world, portraits, nature, tribal art, and political art.


I am able to provide clients with a wide range of design possibilities with my range of creative skills. 

  • Illustration

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding

  • Business Cards

  • Logo Design

  • Adobe Photoshop-CS6

  • Adobe Illustrator-CS6

  • Draughstmen

  • Concept Art

  • Tattoo Design

  • Painting

  • Screenprinting

  • Pet Portraits

  • Typography

  • Clothing Design

  • Retouching

  • Model Making

  • Set Design


  • LUKE

  • Burford Garden Company

  • Syd Hayes Ltd

  • WoodsWay Ltd

  • The Pizza Trailer

  • Leist Fest

  • Harmony Mountain Retreat

  • Wolverley Beer Fest

  • Pop up Outside

  • Gill's Cafe